Story number 5 for 19 Feb 2001

By February 19, 2001

(USA)–And finally, we look at ministry in America with a focus on an organization that’s interested in revival in the United States. Life Action Revival Ministry’s Byron Paulus explains the purpose of their work. “We have been called America’s family centered revival ministry because of our passion to see God send another great awakening to America. Much like you read about in the history books in the first great awakening in Edwards, Wesley and Whitfield’s, days. We believe that begins in the church – revival in the hearts of believers – God’s people.” That’s why Life Action is heading to more than 40 congregations around the U-S. He believes they can help point people to the Savior. “Our whole approach is to come with a group of 20 or 25 individuals into that church ministering to every age member. Where we’re there for an extended period, maybe two weeks and three Sundays. Asking God to do something very substantive, and real, and genuine, and most importantly, lasting.”

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