Story number 1 for 16 Feb 2001

By February 16, 2001

(El Salvador)–El Salvador tops today’s news as another earthquake in that country has left nearly 300 people dead. According to reports, with the two earthquakes combined, one in five homes in El Salvador are either destroyed or damaged. International Aid, a health-focuses Christian relief and training agency, is getting involved. I-A’s Sonny Enriquez. “We’re sending in a team of volunteers. Teams composed of two groups. One, a construction team and second a medical outreach teams. Second thing, we’ve sent out blankets, medicines, and food items.” Enriquez says more children were the victims of this quake. “Because it happened around eight in the morning. This is just the beginning of the school year in El Salvador. And, a lot of schools collapsed trapping children inside.” Enriquez says they’re partnering with evangelical churches in the area, enabling them to share the Gospel as they distribute the relief aid. Call 1-800-251-2502 to volunteer or help financially.

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