Story number 5 for 19 Feb 2002

By February 19, 2002

(East Africa)–And, a unique training program in Nicaragua will likely be the model behind a new outreach in East Africa. Worldwide Christian School’s Dale Dieleman says the Nicaragua project teaches nationals to train fellow nationals how to infuse faith into learning. “One of the models that we floated to the people in the Ugandan and Kenyan programs was this Central Nehemiah’s model. They said, ‘You know, that’s really what we need here; that type of multiplier training adopted into adopted into an education-type program.'” Dieleman says this helps spread the Gospel, too. “When a student really completes a school year, for example, the whole concept of creation and redemption, and all those kinds of things, will have been presented to the student in many different ways. Many of the teachers also really become mentors of these students, and even their parents, in terms of their spiritual walk.”

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