Story number 5 for 20 Jan 2003

By January 20, 2003

(Russia)–And, one mission agency is working to evangelize Russia’s children, long thought an unreached people group. According to the Slavic Gospel Association, that is why they launched a special Christmas outreach called Immanuel’s Child. Through the project, local churches join with Bible-believing churches in Russia to bring hope to the poorest kids. SGA’s Michael Johnson. “The gifts attract the kids to the church services. They hear the Gospel. The churches get the list of names and the families, and then they begin a system of follow-up throughout the year where the kids are invited to VBS programs, they’re invited to Sunday school and many of the kids respond, many of the kids are then discipled on an ongoing basis.” Johnson says the outreach is expected to keep growing. “The Gospel is going forth, and one of the most effective ways the churches have to reach his country is through the children, because I believe that God has lifted this generation of children up to hear His Word.”

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