Story number 5 for 20 Mar 2001

By March 20, 2001

(India)–And finally, we get an update from Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung about their work in northern India. Words of Hope broadcasts in the Kashmiri language, into an area that’s been plagued by violence between India and Pakistan. DeYoung explains. “There continue to be almost daily terrorist bombings in that country. But, the openness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ seems to be greater in Kashmir than anytime in recent memory, perhaps because of all of the unsettled weariness with the continuing cycle of violence.” DeYoung is asking people to pray for Northern India. “It’s an area where continued outreach by radio seems to be viable. It’s an area where the prayers of God’s people need to be focused for the restraining of violence, but also for the openness that now is there to be turned into a fruitful harvest.”

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