Story number 5 for 21 Jul 2003

By July 21, 2003

(Philippines)–And finally, all this week we’ll be featuring segments of an interview with did with New Tribes Missionary, Gracia Burham. Muslim guerrillas in the Philippines took hostage Gracia and her husband Martin, in May of 2001. Here’s how it began in Gracia’s own words: “I booked us into this island resort. It was beautiful, and (we) just had a great evening and went to bed. Even before dawn the next morning, there was a “bang, bang, bang” at the door. Three guys with M-16’s came into the room and took him immediately out. And, one of the guys came over to me and said, ‘go, go, go!” And, when they had us all corralled down at the speed boat, there were 20 hostages. As we headed away from the dock, the terrorists all raised their weapons in the air and yelled, ‘Allah Akbar!’ and we knew it was the Abu Sayyaf.” Tomorrow, Gracia relives the jungle firefights.

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