Story number 5 for 22 May 2001

By May 22, 2001

(St. Lucia)–And finally, JAARS reports that the excitement over the New Testament and Psalms is building in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. The man behind the Creole translation, David Frank, says the Gospel has found a momentum that is sweeping obstacles out of its path. “The biggest hindrance is that Creole is a stigmatized language that everybody speaks, but doesn’t have any kind of official recognition. People are most comfortable with Creole, and they understand things best in Creole…but, English is a prestige language.” Frank says prayer has changed a lot of things. “The government is accepting Creole in an official way. The reports are that it’s a really crucial time to make people aware of the translated New Testament and offer Creole classes.” JAARS speeds Bible translation by providing quality services for Wycliffe Bible Translators and others.

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