Story number 5 for 25 Feb 2002

By February 25, 2002

(International)–And, in response to the Great Commission, the Association of Christian Schools International is working to instill a heart for missions in Christian educators and students in North America. ACSI also hopes to promote Christian education around the world. ACSI’s Dave Wilcox says their teachers have distinctive set of goals and rewards. “In the international setting, they deal with unique issues, as well. One of them, of course is the security issue of their schools. A missionary kids school is pretty much a sitting duck, relative to any other kind of military compound, or even an international business.” Wilcox says ACSI teachers are working in their own mission field as they help others share the Gospel around the world. “One of the challenges is how to educate missionary kids from many different nations. Each one, to be able to go back to their own home country for their tertiary education. Huge challenges that teachers here in North America don’t face, but it’s part of what keeps these folks on the field.”

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