Story number 5 for 25 Jul 2001

By July 25, 2001

(USA)–And finally, we take a look at short term missionary work and its impact on the local church. Brian Jones is the Assistant Pastor a Bayview Wesleyan Church in Michigan. Jones, who coordinates short-term missionary activities there, says there are many benefits in short-term service. “It brings them closer to the Lord. It gives them a better insight for ministry. It’s helps them to get out of their own comfort zone and see that yes we can witness for the Lord. Yes, we can do missions. And so, it gives them an all around deeper relationship with Christ. And, we found that in our own youth group and in our church.” Jones says it also helps the church learn about missionary work. “They have a new perspective about what missions really is. They find the missions isn’t just going out overseas. Missions, it can be right here where they live – to the homeless in their own communities.” Jones encourages all churches to get involved in short-term work.

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