Story number 5 for 25 Jul 2003

By July 25, 2003

(Philippines)–And, we conclude our series with New Tribes Missionary,Gracia Burnham. Today, she tells us about a controversial article appearing in Christianity Today. “It was a wonderful interview. And then, when the article came out I was shocked because it didn’t even sound like me. It didn’t sound like the same interview. It said I was upset with the mission for not paying a ransom. It said that if more of a ransom had been paid Martin would still be alive today. It said Martin died needlessly. That wasn’t the tone of the interview. I think that’s what kind of hurt my feelings. Nothing in that article – I don’t know – it seems to me that it didn’t give God glory for what God had brought us through. And, my thought was, ‘if these articles don’t bring glory to God, I kind of wasted a year in the jungle.'”

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