Story number 5 for 25 Mar 2002

By March 25, 2002

(USA)–And, there’s been a new tone set in Washington D.C. since the arrival of a new administration. That’s according to Dr. Frank Wright of the Center for Christian Statesmanship. “It’s a tone of civility, a tone of willingness to work together and not get involved in the attacks that so characterize this place. So, the administration can affect the tone, and the conduct of politics-the discourse. But, the openness to the Gospel remains the same because of the neediness, spiritually, of men and women in all walks of life.” That openness has led to the opportunity to share more of the Gospel. Wright says the Center is holding a special Easter observance on Tuesday, on Capitol Hill in the Cannon Caucus Room. “Many of the people that will be attending these events are people that attend some of the other events that we sponsor on Capitol Hill. Typically, what we see for these is that many of these people will also bring unsaved friends. So, our goal is to have worship; our goal is that the Gospel would be proclaimed clearly, and that some would hear Christ and would trust him as Savior and Lord.”

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