Story number 5 for 25 Oct 2000

By October 25, 2000

And finally, a Christian humanitarian aid group is celebrating a 20-year milestone. International Aid’s Jerry Dykstra explains that over the last two decades of service to the international community, their organization has had a single purpose: “Our mission is to be the hands and feet and the face of Jesus Christ to the needy people all around the world. That’s not going to change-how we accomplish that might change a little bit. Instead of just sending medical supplies and medicines and so forth, we’d like to get into people’s lives and minister to the whole person.” For example, Dykstra says they’re looking to launch a new project in the Philippines. “We’re excited about the possibilities there-[especially] helping the children; so, we hopefully will have someone on the ground permanently in the Philippines in the next few months, God willing. That’s a very exciting part of our ministry-that we just don’t respond to disasters and let them be; we’re there in these cases, on a permanent basis.”

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