Story number 5 for 26 Feb 2002

By February 26, 2002

(Indonesia)–And finally, Indonesia’s Christians have been feeling the heat of persecution’s crucible for some time. However, AMG International’s Paul Jenks says hope and a desire for peace has hearts to the Gospel. He says they’ve seen a growing response to one of their projects. “Newspaper evangelism continues to be an exciting opportunity in Indonesia. Putting paid Gospel ads in secular newspapers and magazines. Just really appreciate praying about that and considering ways that they could even support such a ministry.” AMG wants to make contact with people through the Gospel ads, develop a personal relationship through correspondence, then to win them to Christ through Bible study and one-on-one evangelism. Jenks adds that the Far East Broadcasting Company is confirming their reports. “They’ve had more results in the last three years, than in any three-year period in the last thirty years.” Please continue to pray for these ministries as they work in Indonesia.

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