Story number 5 for 27 Mar 2002

By March 27, 2002

(USA) — And finally, Audio Scripture Ministries of Holland, Michigan has just completed a special project for Native Americans just in time for Easter. Audio Scripture’s Tom Dudenhofer. “It’s a recording of the Easter story and the Christmas story in the LaKota Sioux language. This translation of the scripture has just begun and it’s directed toward the 6,000 LaKota speakers and it’s proving to be an effective tool to get their attention and to attract them to the message of Jesus Christ.” Dudenhofer says the Lakota Sioux speakers live primarily in the north/central United States and south/central Canada. He says cultural awareness may draw people to listen. “Many of the Native American languages have gone extinct, but this language is still being spoken. Because there are still speakers it has the potential to attract people, not only to the Gospel using the very fact that the language is being spoken again.” Free copies of the tape are being offered to those interested.

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