Story number 5 for 27 Sep 2001

By September 27, 2001

(USA)–And finally, there’s a new e-mail news service that’s hoping to help encourage prayer for evangelism worldwide. Assist Ministry’s Dan Wooding says the program is called Operation Inform. “These stories were originally meant just for the Christian media around the world. But now they have made me realize that Christians really need to learn to rightly divide the news as well as rightly divide the word of God. And so, we’ve made this news service available now available to anyone around the world that really wants information to pray about and to know what is happening in God’s world.” Wooding believes this type of ministry will ultimately help indigenous outreach. “Many of the new evangelists are from what we would call 3rd world countries or even restricted countries who are sharing their faith, knowing that literally their lives could be on the line and I think it’s very important that we get behind these people with our prayer support and our financial support.”

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