Story number 5 for 28 Feb 2001

By February 28, 2001

(USA)–And finally, we close today’s broadcast with a story about a thirsty crow, a half-filled jar of water and some rocks. The story goes that the crow put rocks in the jar to raise the water level, until he could reach what he needed. That same premise of knowing how to use tools is what fuels New Focus National’s Joy Duperault’s enthusiasm for church involvement with the program. “I think New Focus is the part that sets the captives free. It starts with people who are in an emergency and it leads them into the knowledge of God as their provider and their Savior.” Duperault says New Focus National will be hosting trainings to prepare the church for helping those in crisis and financial stress. “I’ve been also speaking with other churches within our community and introducing the New Focus program to them, so we’re looking forward to the training that’s going to take place here in November. Pray for those who minister in the New Focus program that they would be strengthened and be able to be encouragers.”

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