Story number 5 for 28 May 2001

By May 28, 2001

(Russia)–And finally, the shadows of Communism are beginning to dispelled by the light of the Gospel. Russian Ministries’ Andrew Semenchuk says, as they look to the future generations, an irony comes from the tools that they are using for their summer camp project “Save a Child, and Change a Nation”. “The old Communist camps are almost all closed. They were sponsored by the government, and the kids were indoctrinated in Marxism and atheism. Well, we are using many of these camps today for Christian camps.” Semenchuk says as a result, when the campers go back home, they act as a type of missionary. He adds they still need some help. “This summer, we’re hoping to send at least eight thousand to camp, we’re shooting for ten thousand and we can do that for 49-dollars a week-we can send a child to camp. That’s another prayer request, that the Lord would give us strength and wisdom and personnel and funds to do that.”

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