Story number 5 for 29 Oct 2001

By October 29, 2001

(USA)–And finally, after the success of “See You At The Pole” last month, prayer is continuing in schools around the country. Prayer Zone America’s director John Hulett says, in light of the terrorist attacks, prayer is becoming more important. “There is unprecedented openness to and for prayer in schools. Florida has passed a law to allow prayer in schools. In one local Grand Rapids school, teachers are meeting for prayer before school on a regular basis.” Hulett believes this new openness can help recruit 50 PrayerZone Warriors for each school around the country. He says parents and students need to join together. “When you are driving through a school zone, treat like a prayer zone and pray for that school. And, what can students do to get involved? We have little PrayerZone signs that they can put in their lockers and many of them at lunch open all their lockers up and they see the prayer zone signs. That reminds them to pray for the students who don’t know Jesus Christ in that school.”

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