Story number 5 for 29 Sep 2000

By September 29, 2000

And, the final stages are nearing completion for Evangelical Baptist Missions’ Bethesda Outreach-a special village for South Africa’s AIDS-driven orphan population. EBM’s David Seefried says their homes offer a safety net for the children to grow up in, protected, healthy, educated and evangelized. Seefried says things are moving right along. “We have a purchase offer on a piece of property-it’s about 200 acres and has already seven homes on it that we can used before we do any building of the new cottages. We have about 50 days to raise the money; we need about 80-thousand more dollars.” Seefried adds that their plan is more than community-based outreach, it means: “…refuge to these children in homes of mercy, where they will find the nourishment and the love and care and the Christian training that is so desperately needed. Through our compassion, we can help raise a generation of African children who will impact the next generation.”

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