Story number 5 for 3 Apr 2001

By April 3, 2001

(Romania)–And finally, 10-years after Luis Palau held evangelistic meetings in Romania, a special outreach is scheduled there next month. Dan Owens with Eternity Minded Ministries, a partner with the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association, will be the featured evangelist. “We have been invited to the city of Bucharest, Romania, the capitol city there, by the Evangelical Alliance of Romania to hold a citywide event that’ll take us about seven days. And, it’ll be coming up the May 27th through June 2nd.” Materialism has set in and Owens says that will be addressed. However, it won’t be a major stadium event. “In a seven-day period we’re doing 30 different events everything from children’s meetings, to youth rallies. We’re having a luncheon where the members of parliament will be there. We’re praying that the president of the country will be there as well. We have entrĂ©e into the military and to the police departments to be able to share the Gospel in different settings there.”

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