Story number 5 for 3 Jul 2001

By July 3, 2001

(USA)–And, Life Action Ministries is reaching out to women. Mission Network News’ Ruth Bliss tells us more. “Busyness is a time killer-it can leech the life out of a woman and drain the joy out of her relationships, the most important one, being her walk with God. Life Action Revival Ministries is trying to help, by providing a conference for women about these issues. Life Action’s Mike Nysus says it’s all about :”Broken-ness: the heart God revives-it’s an attitude of the heart, of humility and not pride before the Lord. We see that as a root of so many issues.” Nysus adds that the upcoming conference will be in the fall in Kansas. He says there’s a certain kind of woman who will likely be involved. “We’re looking for a core of women who have a heart and a burden for the women in their community, and that are praying women. We’re not always looking for who can get the biggest crowd there. We’re looking for the guidance and leadership of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives.” For details, call our resource line. I’m Ruth Bliss, Mission Network News.”

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