Story number 1 for 2 Jul 2001

By July 2, 2001

(India)–Topping the news, Bibles For the World’s Rochunga Pudaite says their work in Manipur, North East India, has been facing some challenges. A group of rebels recently rioted over a cease-fire with separatists. That prompted the government to issue a curfew, which increased tensions there. Pudaite says it’s also affecting their school. “Nobody’s allowed to get out of their houses, and the army and the police are restricting anyone from getting out. The headmistress of our high school in Imphal, [was] running out of food and went to the gate of the high school compound. The police just threw her right back. They said, ‘If you get out beyond the gate, you will be shot.’ ” Pudaite says despite the orthodox influence, they’re reaching out to the Hindu people by way of voter registration lists. Bibles For the World recently sent 350-thousand New Testaments to people on these lists. “Pray that there’ll be peace in the hearts of these Hindu people.”

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