Story number 3 for 2 Jul 2001

By July 2, 2001

(Africa)–There is optimism following the conclusion of an historic United Nations summit on AIDS. Leaders adopted a Declaration of Commitment to tackle the disease, which has some hopeful on the continent most badly affected, Africa. Global Advance’s David Shibley was recently in Uganda, where there has been a progressive turn around in the rampage of the disease. He explains why. “I believe that what I’m seeing is the early stages of a remnant church in Africa, that, within this decade, I believe are going to begin to turn the tide of this pandemic. There are hopeful signs on the horizon.” Shibley says this is the time for the testimony of the church to make an impact on its surrounding community, much like the church in Uganda has. “I saw a vigorous commitment to biblical standards of living and as a result, within the church itself, the percentage of those infected with the HIV virus has gone down.”

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