Story number 5 for 30 Aug 2002

By August 30, 2002

(Ukraine)–And finally, Community Health Education was the key to seeing a church re-planted in the Ukraine. Glen Reeves with Medical Ambassadors International just returned from that country. Reeves describes some of the things they’re doing to help the village of Potievka (poh-TEEV-kah). “They have a green house now and they’ve even gotten some land from a farm that they’ve been able to grow crops on which they use in school lunches. They did a survey and discovered there is a lot of problems with malnutrition and so they’ve been allowed to teach the school about principles of nutrition.” Reeves says they’ve won such respect they’ve started restarted a church and are reaching out in other ways. “They were able to put on a summer camp for the kids. Last year, the school did not let them introduce Biblical subjects. This year, they were able to. One of the teachers who had been adamantly opposed last year, this year after the summer camp, she wanted to receive a Bible for herself.”

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