Story number 5 for 30 Jul 2003

By July 30, 2003

(Peru)–And, Iquitios’ streets are considered safe, and the sights beautiful, but in this Peruvian haven, many struggle with poverty issues. Through the contrast of this romantic city, Latin America Mission’s Ken MacHarg explains how the door opens for ministry and evangelism. “LAM missionary Billy Clark can barely get into the children’s day care center in the jungle town of Iquitios. Kids swarm around him as he makes his way through the crowd to greet a visitor. Some of the kids want to shake his hand, others want a hug. All of them are semi-abandoned, turned out by their mothers because there is no money to feed them. At the center, nearly 40 show up each day for breakfast and lunch along with a time of Bible study and some tutoring. Later, after attending school all afternoon, they go home to sleep but are back at the center the next day. Many of them come to know the Lord because of the Christian influence that they find in the Scripture Union Center.”

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