Story number 5 for 31 Mar 2003

By March 31, 2003

(Latin America)–And, Latin America Mission’s Ken MacHarg says missionaries often feel their strongest support in ministry comes from parents and others back home. “While parents often find it difficult when their children leave for missionary service, many pitch in to help. LAM’s Chelsea Dozier said that while her parents helped them to pack and flew to Costa Rica to help them settle in, the most important support that they gave was faithful prayer. She says that nothing else can be given credit for their easy transition. From Honduras, Sharon Yount reports that her mother often has said, “I’d rather have you on the other end of the earth in the center of the Lord’s will than to have you right here with me but out of the Lord’s will.” And from Colombia, Bonita Byler says that her parents have encouraged mission work so much that four of their children have been or are working toward missionary involvement. Bonita says that now that they are all grown up, her parents are also going into mission service and will begin ministry in Uganda next year. For Mission Network News, I’m Ken MacHarg.”

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