Story number 5 for 4 Jul 2003

By July 4, 2003

(Brazil)–And, among mission groups, it is well known that the Latin and Central American churches flourish. Their enthusiasm and vision for missions generates vigor among the church’s leaders. However, there are training requests. OC International field teams director, Dick Duncan says they are meeting those needs. “We’ve been very fortunate, in Brazil, to be given, by God, some really highly capable missionaries. Through their ministry of teaching, preaching, and writing, they’ll touch over a third of all the pastors in a given year. It’s just a small group, so it’s really kind of a ‘God-thing’ we’ve just been very fortunate that God has opened up such doors to us and we work across denominational lines.” Duncan says their training does not overlap seminary teaching, rather, it augments and offers practical tools. “Throughout the history of the Christian church, God has used difficult situations like this to bring honor to His name, as people with courage have continued to minister in difficult situations.”

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