Story number 5 for 4 Jun 2001

By June 4, 2001

(International)–And, the safety of missionaries traveling while on the field is the concern of JAARS water safety director Glenn Smith. “A lot of our people have been oriented very well in aviation safety and a lot of our people travel that way. Also, some of our people have had some orientation in land travel. Practically none of our people have been trained in water travel.” Several tragedies have been linked to that lack of training. JAARS, an organization that speeds Bible translation by providing quality services for Wycliffe Bible Translators, is addressing that need. Smith says they’re providing water safety and emergency rescue kits to make sure scripture continues being translated. “Our goal here is to reduce stress and increase morale in the ministry place. We’re asking people to complete translations, and in some cases it takes 25 years to do that. And, we would like that experience to be as trauma free as possible.” They’re raising 19-thousand dollars to equip missionaries with these kits.

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