Story number 5 for 6 Jun 2002

By June 6, 2002

(USA)–And finally, evangelism training clinics are slated next month to take advantage of summer vacation time. Evangelism Explosion’s Karen Gushta says reaching children starts with getting adults to see the importance of reaching the kids before they hit a certain age. “I think something happens to adolescents. I really believe that it’s important for us to reach children before they get into junior high and high school. We find that that’s a time where it’s more difficult to win people to the Lord.” Gushta says after training adults to evangelize, reaching the children is an open door. “If you share with a hundred kids, the probability is 32 out of that hundred kids that you shared the Gospel with would actually pray and receive Christ as their Savior. We also have figures that tell us that 85-percent of American Christians say that they came to know Christ before the age of 15.”

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