Story number 5 for 6 Mar 2001

By March 6, 2001

(Burkina Faso)–And finally, medical ministry is still a great way to share the Gospel in countries where medical treatment is scarce. That’s the word from SIM missionary Betty Eickhorst, who’s served in the African country of Burkina Faso for 20 years. Eickhorst explains how they’ve been able to share the Gospel through medicine. “As I treat patients and had time with them, I would talk to them about the Lord. Also, some of the patients that were very sick I would pray with them – ask the Lord to heal them. There are some time where I know it’s only the Lord that healed them.” According to Eickhorst, the need for additional medical personnel on the mission field is great. She says the lack of staff can have an impact on evangelism. “The staff should be sufficient so that people that are working there are not over worked so that all they think about is getting their work done and spoil their testimony, and not have time with the patients.”

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