Story number 5 for 6 Nov 2000

By November 6, 2000

And, up to 20,000 students are expected to attend this year’s Urbana 2000 missions conference December 27-31 at the University of Illinois campus at Urbana-Champaign. Ken MacHarg reports on how the Latin America Mission plans to participate. “LAM plans a sizeable presence with a state-of-the-art exhibit booth and several workshops led by LAM missionaries. At Urbana, LAM will emphasize its commitment to collaboration with the Latin church in missionary placement and its commitment to diversity in types of ministries and a holistic approach to service. The mission will be looking for people to serve in many types of ministries, particularly in the areas of children-at-risk, Christian camping, student ministries, and the mission’s short-term Spearhead program which offers young adults between 19 and 30 the opportunity for a 15-month experience in Mexico, Brazil and Honduras. For Mission Network News, I’m Ken MacHarg in Miami.”

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