Story number 5 for 6 Nov 2002

By November 6, 2002

(Russia)–And, third-world orphans are among the most neglected children in the world. But, one agency is looking to bring a little comfort to their lives. Buckner Care International’s Tiffany Taylor says the numbers are staggering. “These children are literally housed in institutions we’re talking 600 to 700 thousand children in Russia alone. Millions of children in Africa, the needs are overwhelming.” Buckner is collecting pairs of shoes to give to orphans. Taylor says they’re doing this because most orphanages are simply not equipped to supply more beyond the basic needs of shelter and food. “By and large, these countries are not/don’t know any of the newest ways to treat the children… trying to de-institutionalize the children…trying to get the children the help they need.” Buckner asks people to pray for their workers as they share the love of Christ with these orphan children. If you’d like more information on the shoe drive, call our resource line.

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