Story number 5 for 7 Aug 2002

By August 7, 2002

(USA)–And, box office numbers don’t lie. The money being poured into youth-geared amusement is staggering. The troubling issue is the message being preached. Film The Bible’s David Rutherford agrees. He explains their focus on reaching the ‘video generation’. “We know that our kids are really drawn into that medium; they want to be entertained. The potential for impact of a ‘Film the Bible’ is incredible. What greater stories do we want to convey to our kids, for generations to come, than those that are contained in Holy Scripture?” Statistics show that the majority of people who came to Christ did so before they turned 20. Rutherford says that makes the need even more urgent. “Given that, coupled with being a video generation, and the powerful impact that the audio-visual medium has on our kids, what a great opportunity to reach them, at a time, quite frankly, when they’re being bombarded with a tremendous number of mixed messages.”

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