Story number 5 for 7 May 2001

By May 7, 2001

(Ecuador)–And finally, we go to Ecuador, where an unstable economy often interferes with a pastor’s ability to lead his church. That’s where the work of Farms International comes in. Farms’ Don Williams says their Ecuador project is now bearing fruit. “As far as Farms is concerned, men come in and ask for help. We do leadership development, along with helping in the area of economic development with pastors and members in the churches.” Williams says they serve the church by equipping families in poverty with the means for self-support. He adds that their work needs the support of Christians. “Pray that the Lord would give us good opportunities to continue sharing the Gospel, developing Christian leaders amongst the Quichua, and just that we would be faithful to the Lord in proclaiming the Gospel and also teaching these men how to share the Gospel.” FARMS provides loans and technical support for both their projects and spiritual training for families. Loans are repaid to a revolving fund and recipients agree to tithe to their local church.

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