Story of Jesus is a shot of adrenalin

By November 19, 2012

Ukraine (MNN) — God is using a new resource to lead young people to Christ in Ukraine. It's called The Story of Jesus. According to Russian Ministries, this new booklet is giving local churches another way to share Jesus with children who would otherwise never understand.

Wally Kulukoff with Russian Minstries says, "We've translated it in the Ukrainian and the Russian language. The Lord has provided funds for us to print one-million copies of The Story of Jesus for the Ukraine. This has been like an injection of adrenalin to the local churches."

Kulukoff says this content was provided to Russian Ministries by David C. Cook. The new 16-page booklet is available "to children's ministries and also to the Orphanages and the local schools to use in Christian ethics. This has given the local churches and the young people and children a tool to do ministry."

700,000 booklets have already been distributed.

According to Kulukoff, The Story of Jesus hasn't changed the hearts of children only, but also a retired school teacher. While visiting a church, she read The Story of Jesus and gave her heart to Christ. She told Russian Ministries, "I'm going to go back and find all the children for the 30 years that I've taught. I've got a story to tell them: the final lesson that I did not teach them" — The Story of Jesus.

Russian Ministries says this tool is quickly catching on. "When you provide a tool for people–a tool that is effective and successful, they begin to share it with their neighbors. And so, Ukrainians who have relatives in Russia brought The Story of Jesus to their relatives in Russia."

Your support can help Russian Ministries meet a match. Your gift of $100 will be doubled, allowing Russian Ministries to distribute 2,000 copies of The Story of Jesus in the region.

Tomorrow in Part Two of our series on Russian Ministries, we'll take a look at what's happening in Russia.

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