Storytelling the Gospel becomes the medium to reach American Indians.

By March 1, 2006

USA (MNN)–Storytelling is important to the Cheyenne Indian culture.

Originally from the Great Plains area, the Cheyenne Indians are settled in Montana and Oklahoma. Theirs is a fight to save their culture and language.

The United States government is working to convert the Cheyenne to an English-only speaking tribe. And, in similar cases, one way to do so is to preserve the history through oral tradition.

That’s why the story of the Gospel makes a powerful impact on the people group. Audio Scripture Ministries is prepared to duplicate the Cheyenne Scriptures in audio. The final edit is almost finished.

The ASM team is excited for the opportunity to partner with other mission organization to duplicate and assemble the CD’s and Tapes for distribution. Pray for those who are finishing the editing on this major project.

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