Lifewater is praying for “Significant Sacrifice” during Lent

By March 1, 2006

USA (MNN) — One-sixth of the world’s population lack access to clean safe drinking water. The lack of that precious resource kills 250,000 children in Ethiopia alone. That’s why Lifewater International is asking you to help.

Lifewater’s Executive Director Dan Stevens. “We say there’s a silent tsunami every week. In other words, there’s more people that die every week from unsafe water than died in the tsunami. And so, people are dying for what we flush our toilet with. There are a billion people that don’t have safe water. There’s 2.7 billion people who don’t have improved sanitation.”

Stevens is asking you to help during what some call the Lenten season. “We’re trying to start a campaign that is called “Significant Sacrifice” fasting with a purpose for safe water in the world, fasting from one beverage or food item or going out to dinner or whatever, that we can help the rest of the world have the Gospel and safe water.”

According to Stevens, they have a two pronged approach to their work. “The physical and the spiritual always goes hand-in-hand. Christ says, ‘give a cup of water in His name,’ and of course water is foundational to life and Christ is foundational to life.”

Providing water to someone in need doesn’t cost that much, says Stevens. “For about the cost of a dinner, $25 or $30, you can give somebody safe water for life.”

With such a nominal cost, this type of project is great for small groups. “You think of Sunday School class or a youth group and an entire church gave up a hamburger every day for three or four bucks it really adds up and I can see how it could be just a powerful economic motivator for safe water.”

Lifewater International is offering on-line promotional materials to help your small group participate in the “Significant Sacrifce” campaign. Go to our website and follow the links to Lifewater International.

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