Radicals blow up Bible Society building in Ramallah

By March 1, 2006

(Executive Director’s note) Because if incorrect information supplied to us, MNN had previously posted information about the Palestine Bible Society that was incorrect…the story here has been corrected and we will have more information on this story soon!
Ramallah (MNN) — Armed militants blew up the building that houses the Beir Beit Bible Society office in Ramallah on February 28th.

E3 Partners Tom Doyle describes what happened. “The Muslim terrorists broke the windows in and then threw in home-made bombs in the building. They sprayed out Bible Society wrote, leave our land. Get out of here. God is greater. Following in the footsteps of the prophet Mohammed.”

Doyle says the attitude of Christians in the region is incredible. “They feel bad about the building. They’re thankful nobody was hurt. We told them that Mission Network News had put this out and thousands of people were praying around. Over and over they were saying, ‘thank the good people for praying for us because we just sensed God’s presence in the midst of this and we weren’t afraid.”

Doyle doesn’t expect the situation to get any better. “You’ve got Hamas, you have al Qaeda in, you have Hezbollah — the Iranian group, and we just saw that the Iranians are giving $250 million dollars to Hamas. This is a terrorist group leading the government.”

While these attacks are intended to curtail the spread of the Gospel, Doyle says it’s doing just the opposite. “You see believers that have before had a little bit of fear all of a sudden just feel the presence of God and the spirit welling up in them and they become more brave and more out there with their faith. And so, whenever there’s persecution, good things happen.”

Pray for E3 Partners in the days ahead, because they’re planning a training conference. “Next month we have our biggest meeting ever in the Middle East. 150 pastors will be meeting for five days of planning, training, prayer and strategy involvement in their area to come up with hopefully God’s plan to get the Gospel out in a better way and to reach more people and to plant more churches.”

Funding is need to help sponsor pastors in this area of the world where God is working in a mighty way.

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