Street children in Brazil are the focus of evangelistic outreach.

By October 28, 2003

Brazil (MNN) — They feel unloved and unwanted. Street kids. They’re all over the world, but it’s a major problem in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Children are our future, but many of these children have no futre unless something’s done.

That’s just what CB International is doing. They’re targeting street kids with the Gospel. CBI’s Hanz Finzel says in Sao Paolo alone there are over a half-million street kids. He says many of them are turning to Christ because of their ‘Restoration Ministries’ outreach. “For the first time in their lives, someone loves them and cares for them and we find of course that we have to take them out of the situation. So, we’ve purchased a ministry center where we have Bible school classes, English classes, personal hygiene.”

Finzel says support is needed to help with the outreach, which includes a camp ministry. “We’re trying to build seven dormatories at the camp. Each dormatory costs $5,000,” says Finzel. He says, “we’re looking for 600 donors who would give $50 a month to help support this ministry.”

He says prayer for safety is also requested. “Some of the people are not happy that they’re pulling these kids out. Some of the fathers are using these kids as drug runners and they don’t like it when these kids are redeemed and when they quite helping their dads making illegal money.”

Reaching these young people is important because, “most of them will die.” Prostitution, drugs and other street violence plays a part in Sao Paolo being the murder capitol of the world.

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