Students prepare for next year’s outreach

By May 5, 2008

USA (MNN) —  As soon as colleges begin letting students out for summer freedom, some will be headed to new jobs, new homes, new places.

Student leaders from InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapters across the country will spend at least one week at Chapter Camp during April, May and June. There, they'll learn some
Biblical foundations for leadership, how to refresh themselves spiritually and do strategic planning.  Calendars in hand, they'll already be making dates for engaging their chapters. 

"It's important that we, in faith, look forward and try to make plans for how we want to engage the campus with the Gospel in the future. So rather than being haphazard, we intend to be prayerful and intentional about the work that we do every year," said Chuck Hohnbaum, interim director of strategic ministries.

Their plans will include evangelism events, personal evangelism, member training, evangelistic
small groups, small groups for believers, and fun, healthy events for everyone to take part in.  "A lot of it is thinking about to effectively engage people at the university with the Gospel, develop them as disciples and prepare them to be world changers in the
future," Hohnbaum explained.

With the recent surge of campus violence, many InterVarsity chapters have been able to come to
the service of people in need. "It does weigh on our mind," Hohnbaum says, but addressing this specific need is not a part of their summer training. Still, training
will be effective in equipping them to respond appropriately if those kinds of situations arise.

"Our hope is that our students are able to respond in any situation to people who are in need and are ready to hear about the claims of Christ," said Hohnbaum.

Pray that God will be near to them and that they will capture a vision for God's plan for their campuses.

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