Students travel worldwide to further education

By July 5, 2007

Bolivia (MNN) — High school graduation is daunting for students, but what about the teachers?

Missionary teacher, Jenny Lowery, from New Tribes Mission, says her students will be sorely missed. Lowery teaches missionary children in Bolivia and found it difficult to
watch her senior students go this year. 

The students who graduated will travel all over the world to continue their education. "One of the hardest things about working at a school for missionary children is
saying 'goodbye,'" wrote Lowery. "It was the hardest graduation I've sat through, knowing I won't ever see most of these kids again this side of eternity. They will literally be scattered all over the globe."

Students will travel to South Korea, the US, Canada and South Africa, and only some will stay in Bolivia. Two of the grads will be attending the New Tribes Bible Institute. The NTBI is a mission school that focuses on studying the Bible and everyday life for cross-cultural

Lowery says the group of international students was fun to teach and that they need prayer as they continue their education. 

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