Sudan faces despair as talks fail

By September 15, 2009

Sudan (MNN) — Talks last week between Sudan's North and
South ended in failure over implementation of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace
Agreement. Under it, the South is to
hold elections next year and a referendum on independence in 2011. 

According to Voice of the Martyrs Canada, an interim
constitution was established in 2005 and states that Islam is the majority
religion in the country but notes the place of Christianity and traditional

Lee DeYoung with Words of Hope says trouble is brewing. Both sides accuse the other
of seeking to sabotage the 2005 peace agreement. "There are strong indications that forces
allied with the North are actually seeking to re-arm in order to just trigger
chaos and to convince Southerners that they cannot govern themselves and that
it would be a bad mistake for the South to go its own way."  

DeYoung says their ministry team has been bringing the
Gospel into the region for years. A
partnership between Words of Hope
and the Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF) has borne much fruit for the
Gospel. MERF's Gospel broadcasts reach
340 million residents of 22 countries in the Arab League.

Meanwhile, Spirit FM station has been broadcasting from Yei
since September 2008, covering an area near the Uganda border. It wants
to do more FM broadcasting in place of shortwave. Spirit FM broadcasts in five different
languages: Dinka, Nuer, Bari, Arabic, and English.

However, hope has moved a step closer to the Dinka now. DeYoung says, "This is a time where the
Gospel of peace is really conveying a message that the Southern Sudanese desperately
need to hear." God has been opening new doors. "Words of Hope has established a new studio in the town of Rumbek. This puts us into the heart of Dinka-speaking
peoples. It gives us a connection with the church on the ground."

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