Sudan war approaches its third month with no end in sight

By July 6, 2023

Sudan (MNN) — Fierce battles break out in Sudan as the army tries to cut off militia supply lines.

Many people remain cut off from essential humanitarian assistance due to the conflict. Sudan’s war is approaching its third month with no end in sight. See our coverage here.

Last week, the United Nations revised its earlier estimate of one million Sudanese refugees based on continuing violence. Over two million people are displaced within the country, and “refugees from Sudan have been going in every direction,” says Arne*.

Arne oversees unfoldingWords translation work in the region. unfoldingWord equips local church planters to do Bible translation in minority languages. More about that here.

“The church network in Chad is reaching out, trying to meet the needs of the refugees as they come in,” Arne says.

Believers make Christ’s love tangible as they meet basic needs like food and shelter. “It is a nasty situation as [Sudanese people] consider this thing called Islam that they thought they [were] part of,” Arne explains.

“This (conflict) creates an opportunity for the Gospel because people are suffering at the hands of Muslims and fellow Arabs.”

Learn more about unfoldingWord’s work in Sudan here.

(Graphic courtesy of unfoldingWord)

“Translation work, per se, is hindered a bit,” Arne says.

“[One] team managed to complete the work they intended to do in Khartoum; they spent a month or so working in the Nuba Mountains.”

The team was stuck in Khartoum when the violence began in mid-April but managed to escape. Now, “all the progress we’re making is inside South Sudan,” Arne says.

Pray for an immediate end to the war in Sudan. “The big wave of refugees is causing stress on the surrounding [countries]. Many came into South Sudan, and that’s creating pressure,” Arne says.

Pray believers can be bold and share God’s truth as they help people in need. “Pray for open hearts as they present the Gospel. It’s always a spiritual battle,” Arne says.





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