Sudanese international students need support with home country in crisis

By May 2, 2023

Sudan (MNN) — Sudanese expatriates and international students are watching the fighting and violence in their home country with growing dread.

Elie Haddad, the president of Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon, says they are supporting many Sudanese seminary students and graduates at this time.

“Sudanese people are some of the nicest, most gentle people on the face of the earth. It’s heartbreaking to see what’s happening in Sudan right now,” says Haddad.

“We in Lebanon have a lot of experience with crises and wars and stuff like that. It takes a while for things to stabilize and new realities to set in and understand how they’re going to adjust to that…. Now they’re entering into what may end up as a war, maybe a long-term civil war. That’s the fear…. So it’s about safety and making sure that people’s families are safe and people’s church members are safe.”

(Photo courtesy of Arab Baptist Theological Seminary)

These young Sudanese students at ABTS are learning how to advance the Gospel and grow the Sudanese Church. A part of their program also includes peacemaking initiatives.

“Our Sudanese students and graduates, it’s incredible how God has been using these leaders in proclaiming the Gospel and reaching new people groups that no one has thought possible,” Haddad says.

Could this be the generation God has called for such a time as this for Sudan?

Haddad says, “We support our Sudanese students in equipping them and then building relationships with the churches and coming alongside some of the projects…. So we have a very close connection with them. The Church in Sudan is very dear to our heart.

“We are committed to coming alongside them any way we can. We always come alongside them in terms of theological education, the initial formation for the Church. We work with seminaries that are in Khartoum as well. And now we do want to come alongside them in terms of relief efforts as soon as things are figured out and they know what’s going to happen.”

Habil, a Sudanese graduate from ABTS. (Photo courtesy of Arab Baptist Theological Seminary)

For now, many students at ABTS need financial support, including their Sudanese students. You can help sponsor an ABTS student here!

Meanwhile, Haddad encourages, “Let’s keep Sudan in prayer. Let’s keep the Church in Sudan in prayer. The Church in Sudan has done a great job at being open, engaging with the community in very positive ways, [and] preaching the Gospel in meaningful ways. Let’s pray that the Church in Sudan can continue to do this despite the hardship that they’re facing right now.”







Header photo of Habil, a Sudanese graduate, courtesy of ABTS.

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