Sudan’s famine bites down hard

By November 9, 2009

Sudan (MNN) — Famine is spreading in Sudan, and more than a
million people are going hungry. Food aid is being hampered by inter-tribal

According to the head of the Evangelical Free Church of Sudan
(EFCS), Pastor William Laku, three years ago, people had enough to eat. However, food produce dwindled as droughts became more frequent. 

Since 2007, there has been drought or a long dry spell every
single year. This has had a devastating impact on households across the
Nagishot Hills. 

In response, EFCS bought more than 1,000 sacks of corn for
distribution to the most vulnerable people in Southern Sudan. Laku is also
working closely with government officials to make sure that the neediest and
most vulnerable are helped first.

A ReachGlobal missionary, whom we'll call "Tony"
is working with EFCS leaders, developing
and carrying out the most strategic response possible. However, the
funds they have provide a finite amount of food for an ever-growing need. Many people in this region have only recently
returned to the country from refugee camps in Uganda or Kenya.

At this point, relief Phase I complete, and Phase II begins. Among humanitarian aid groups, a secondary
phase for famine relief involves some efforts toward raising a crop to recover
from a harvest failure. Micro-loans are
sometimes a part of these efforts. Details on the Reach Global plan were not immediately available.

Pray that God would be glorified and lives would be saved both
physically and spiritually. If you can
help, click here.

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