Sudan’s government resumes bombing in Darfur; believers cautious.

By January 23, 2007

Sudan (MNN)–Government planes fill the sky again in a breach of a hard-wrought peace accord in Sudan’s Darfur region. The refugees are on the move in the north.

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee’s Jacob Kramer says the renewed fighting has complicated their work. “There are moments where we cannot use our vehicles. That means people have to go to the three centers from which we work. They have to go by ox cart, or by donkey and that takes a lot more time than when we can use our vehicles. Also transport becomes a problem.”

Add to the security issue the loss of one of their Jeeps, and the problem of getting aid to the people who need it most exponentially mounts. Kramer says the hijacking and kidnapping of their staff member a month ago left them short one vehicle.

CRWRC is working in Darfur to care for 90,000 refugees. The program, with a budget of about $2.6 million (CDN) is providing food, vegetable seed, animals, latrines, wells, fuel-efficient stoves, tree seedlings, and health-related services to people in the El Geneina area of Darfur. This work is being done in collaboration with World Relief, World Concern, Food for the Hungry International, MAP International, and NorthWest Medical Teams International.

When asked how their work becomes ministry, Kramer says, “Be there. You can see that in the number of people which are depending on food aid. That has crossed now to three million, and, as such, the continuation of Christian organizations who have identified as such, is for them the association of hope. The agencies which bring that hope is a very strong witness of the Gospel.”

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