Sudan’s peace talks may bode a peaceful future for Christians.

By October 22, 2003

Sudan (MNN)–US Secretary of State Colin Powell is in Kenya where he will support high-level talks to end the 20-year civil war in Sudan.

Under the onus of last year’s Sudan Peace Act, the Bush administration enforces security issues. Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton explains why Christians should be aware of the new agreement in the making. “There’ll be a six-year period of self-determination for the people of South Sudan. They will have the ability to make their own decisions. They will not be forced to accept Islamic Sharia law. At the end of the six-year period, then they will be allowed to vote on whether they want to continue to be a part of the nation of Sudan, or whether they want to break off and form their own nation.”

Nettleton says this may force the Khartoum government to lessen their harassment of believers in the south, or face a substantial power base loss in six years.

Despite reports to the contrary, Sudan’s war has been largely a religious one in which believers has been under incredible pressure for the Muslims. Nettleton urges prayer during this critical stage of the agreement’s drafting.
“Anything that results in more peace and more safety on the ground in South Sudan is going to make it easier to do ministry there. It’s going to make it easier to travel there, it’s going to make it safer for mission teams who are doing work on the ground there.”

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