Suicide bomber attacks church in Sudan

By October 9, 2007

Sudan (MNN) — Word is just now reaching us of a late
September attack on a church in Sudan's Upper Nile State.

Compass Direct News reports a suicide bomber in military
fatigues killed five young people who were singing worship songs outside of a Sudan
Interior Mission (SIM)
church building. 

The blast also wounded approximately 20 people, with at least 10 seriously
injured and four in critical condition in Malakal.

According to the eyewitness reports, a man detonated a grenade on his belt after
approaching a group of 34 young people holding an outdoor church meeting in
Khorfulus, southwest of Malakal September 27. However, there are conflicting reports as to
the motivation. 

While government authorities say the Sudan People's
Liberation Army (SPLA) soldier was drunk and accidentally set off the grenade, Compass
cites one general as saying that he believed the goal of the attack was to
intimidate churches.

One pastor says that there are 30,000
Christians in the city. This incident,
while tragic, did not make them feel threatened, and they continue to hold
services. Pray that the Christians' faith will not waver.

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