Summer camp ministry reaches 9,000 children

By October 5, 2010

Former Soviet Union (MNN) — Slavic Gospel Association is rejoicing over the way God used their summer camp ministry in the former Soviet Union throughout 2010.

Final reports on the summer camp ministry for this year are still coming in, but so far, results look great. Back in June, Mission Network News reported on a funding crisis for the SGA summer camp program. They feared they would not be able to reach the 6,000 children they had hoped to help through their programs, due to a decrease in funding. Amazingly, they were able to reach 9,000.

SGA ministered throughout Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and three former Soviet nations in Central Asia, reaching kids with the love of Christ.

One 16-year-old boy from Belarus was overwhelmed by the way SGA team members showed love for everyone at their camps. "In this camp, I saw people loving and helping each other. It's great," noted the young man. "If all the people in the world lived like this, life would be far better. I listened to the stories about God and Jesus Christ, and the examples of (faithful) youth from the past. Now I want to live and behave like Jesus. He is a real hero for me."

As SGA begins follow-up ministry with the thousands of children who were introduced to the Gospel over the summer, pray for them to continue to grasp more and more who God is. Pray that the Lord would work through SGA's ministry to bring more children in the former Soviet Union out of hopelessness and into the arms of a Savior.


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