Summer camp season gets underway

By June 7, 2010

International (MNN) — In
developing nations, orphans and at-risk kids are among the most destitute
children in the world. 

They rarely have
three meals a day or the joy of playing with friends. However, through a summer Bible camp, they
get a brief reprieve from the difficulties of everyday life.

The ministry runs summer camps in
the Ukraine, one in Moldova, one India, and two in Kenya's Kibera slums. Poverty is grinding in these areas. Opportunity is a precious commodity.

Lars Dunberg with Global Action says they're
working with the state-run orphanages in these areas. "These are kids coming out of the worst,
most horrible situations, having the chance of a lifetime to see that they are
loved, that they are cared for, and that they have a chance to meet Jesus

On Sunday, India's team will begin conducting a summer Bible
camp for poverty-stricken and disadvantaged kids from the surrounding areas of
DehraDun. The campground is in the hills, about 140 miles north of Delhi. 

Ukraine's camp will be at the Hope Center, where kids will
get to experience team sports, swimming, nature walks/hikes, Bible
studies/daily devotions, age-appropriate crafts, group meals, music, singing, drama,
cultural dancing, evening bonfires and friendly team competitions.

In Moldova, the team will take part in a summer camp for
children outside the city of Chisinau, as well as serve as an encouragement to
local believers who work under extremely difficult conditions. Most of these
children come from poverty-stricken homes, broken families and are in need of a
lot of tender love and care.

And, although the Kenya
team is full, the group
will be working with teenagers from the Kibera slums in Nairobi at the end of
July.  Week 2 will include visiting
Kenyan partners in villages outside of Nairobi, Masai women in Ngong, goat
project and other micro-enterprise programs in Meru district.

23-dollars a day is what
it takes to make an investment in the future of a child. What price can you put
on hope? "It certainly brings hope
for now, because they come back and they are transformed and they are changed
in their orphanages, and of course, it brings hope for eternity, which is

Local churches follow up with the
kids through the Sunday schools they run near the state-run orphanages. The
program has made a huge impact in kids' lives. 

Global Action's 10-day summer
camps begin this Thursday in Ukraine, Moldova, India and Kenya. "By the
way, it's not too late to join the teams that go at the end of July and
August," says Dunberg. "We still have some slots." 

Teams are still forming for
Moldova and Ukraine camps. Click here
for more details on deadlines and locations.

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